Yoga Meditation 4221 - Yoga Products

Yah!!!!!! I figured out how to do embed the yoga products store into my blog. It doesn't fit perfectly, but time is short, so have to move on to other things.

You can still access it the other way also. Have fun.

My Holistic Yoga Blog Store

Hi All

I tried to build my Yoga Blog Store within my blog... but I am a blogger noob and I couldn't figure out how to get it to fit with in the boundries of my blog template. A bit of a hassle but  never mind -

I hope that you will be curious enough to click through with this link anyway. Go and check it out.

There's some good products available.I think you will like what's on offer at My Holistic Yoga Blog Store

Happy browsing.  You will find a pretty easy but secure online check out system which will make payment of your purchases pretty hassle free.

Thanks heaps in advance.

Warm regards,


My Holistic Yoga Blog Store